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Re: [lvm-devel] [PATCH v2]: Mirror: Fix hangs and lock-ups caused by attempting label reads of mirrors

Dne 23.10.2013 01:39, Jonathan Brassow napsal(a):
Changed some variable/function names and added more explanation to the
config file.

I will send a separate patch that contains a warning message if mirrors
are activated and 'ignore_lvm_mirrors' is not set... We can talk about
whether that is needed also.


Mirror: Fix hangs and lock-ups caused by attempting label reads of mirrors

There is a problem with the way mirrors have been designed to handle
failures that is resulting in stuck LVM processes and hung I/O.  When
mirrors encounter a write failure, they block I/O and notify userspace
to reconfigure the mirror to remove failed devices.  This process is
open to a couple races:
1) Any LVM process other than the one that is meant to deal with the
mirror failure can attempt to read the mirror, fail, and block other
LVM commands (including the repair command) from proceeding due to
holding a lock on the volume group.
2) If there are multiple mirrors that suffer a failure in the same
volume group, a repair can block while attempting to read the LVM
label from one mirror while trying to repair the other.

Mitigation of these races has been attempted by disallowing label reading
of mirrors that are either suspended or are indicated as blocking by
the kernel.  While this has closed the window of opportunity for hitting

Is mirror read 'abort-able' (i.e. sigalarm()) when it's blocked ?
So our  'scan' routine could try to read mirror - which suddenly
gets 'frozen' by write error.
If we would have used sigalarm - we should be able abort() read operation
(though I'm not sure where the read gets stuck - maybe it would need change in the kernel driver?) - after read failure we may detect mirror error conditions through dm status - and make some reaction?

The very similar thing needs to be added for scanning of i.e. thinly provisioned devices - which may get stuck when the pool is overfilled - so some solution in this direction is unavoidable - IMHO we should not hide the problem by disabling of scanning).

2) Instrument a way to allow asynchronous label reading - allowing
blocked label reads to be ignored while continuing to process the LVM
command.  This would action would allow LVM commands to continue even
though they would have otherwise blocked trying to read a mirror.  They
can then release their lock and allow a repair command to commence.  In
the event of #2 above, the repair command already in progress can continue
and repair the failed mirror.

Async read is not the only problem here - we have other issues:

i.e. activate mirror - and wait for confirmation  (dmsetup udevcomplete)
but this may also run watch rule - and also  blkid may get blocked (mirror error)

So now we get into fancy states - where  our command is waiting for
semaphore completion (no timeout on semaphore for now) - which doesn't happen since master udev kills its udev scan completely - without any 'finalization' step.

So - we would need to probably make a mirror device also 'unscannable' ??
(which makes it unusable for filesystems??)

Anyway - more troubles ahead....


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