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Re: [lvm-devel] cache support

Dne 5.2.2014 21:20, Paul B. Henson napsal(a):
From: Zdenek Kabelac
Sent: Wednesday, February 05, 2014 1:35 AM
I've read somewhat about the integration of mdraid and lvm, but not enough
to fully understand it or be comfortable about switching from classic mdraid
to lvm integrated mdraid.

Well if you miss feature from  mdadm you may request some enhacements.
It should be giving you more options - since the LV doens't need to be across whole PV - i.e. you could have 4 disks in VG - and you could build some LV in raid0/stripe, other in raid1, and also some LV could be in raid5.

Current version of dm-cache supports  only  1:1 mapping - so one large
shared by multiple LVs is not supported. You will need to prepare smaller
individual cache pools for each of your LV.

I'm not sure what you mean here; I confirmed on the device mapper mailing
list that using dm-cache directly would support my desired stacking of
placing a PV on top of a dm-cache device that is sitting on top of a raw SSD
raid1 md cache device and a raw HD raid10 origin device, effectively using
the single cache device to cache all of the LV's created on the PV. I don't
really want to split up the cache device into bits and pieces for each
individual LV, that doesn't seem very efficient; I'd rather have the entire
cache device available for which ever LV's happen to be hot at a given time.

So it's really just a question of whether or not lvm is going to support a
user-friendly layer on top of dm-cache for this type of stacking, or if
somebody will be stuck using dm-cache directly if they want to implement
something like this.

lvm2 is not supporting caching of PVs - that's the layer below the lvm2. Your proposed idea would be hard to efficiently implement.

lvm2 would have to create some 'virtual' huge device combined from all PVs in VG (and with special handling for segments like mirrors/raids) - this would be then always used as a cache for any LV activated from this virtual layer - with lost of troubles during activation.

With per LV granularity you get the option to chose different policy for each LV.

Note - it should be possible to create cached thin pool data LV - and then you get all thin volumes cached through data device.

We may consider the option to use a single cache pool for multiple single linear LVs - since in this case we might be able to resolve tricky virtual mapping.


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