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Re: Supported filesystems?

On Thu, 2004-09-30 at 23:21, Stephen J. Smoogen wrote:
>  It is more likely that it is just that Red Hat has
> decided not to grow the expertise inside to support anything but EXT3.

this indeed is the case. 

> I would also prefer supported XFS as it would take a lot of whining
> out of people
> here who use it. 

People scream they want XFS. But when you ask them "WHY" most of them
fall silent or come up with arguments that no longer hold in 2.6.
I asked that WHY a lot when I did that feature survey. I got no
significant answers that aren't met by ext3 in 2.6.

> I think the big problem that I see with RHEL in general is that
> requests for input are given but then seem to fall onto deaf ears
> because no feedback is given back.

this is actually only half the case.... the engineers do listen. And
quite a few of the feature requests are in. But people need to
understand (and thankfully they did in that survey) that they should ask
for the feature not the implementation. 

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