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Re: Firefox helper applications (system-wide)

Jos Vos wrote:

I'm trying to figure out the algorithm of how Firefox determines
its helper applications for a certain mime type (that it offers
you with the "Open with ..." selection), assuming the user did
not configure/overrule any preferences himself.

So far, I have found out:

- If something is in /etc/mailcap it is taken as (default)
choice and offered as such in the selection box.
- If it's not in /etc/mailcap, it seems to find something from
another source, probably /usr/share/desktop/applications (?).
However, if multiple desktop entries match the same mime type,
I could not find out how it chooses one (and why only one is

-  I never managed to see multiple alternatives offered in the
   selection window, only a default (or nothing) and "Other",
   which results in a file selection window.

   For example I want to be able to have a choice betweeen
   xpdf and acroread, but I did not find a method to specify this.

Can someone point me to a resource where is described how Firefox
finds the offered choice(s) and if/how there can be more than one
choice for a given mime type?

I would try something like strace -f -q -o /tmp/firefox-openes -e trace=open firefox then use firefox until you're sure it's read the necessary files.

Then examine /tmp/firefox-openes to see what files are used. Lots will be obviously wrong, and with a little use of awk and/or sed, sort xargs and grep you might be able to refine the list a little.



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