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Re: ES4 to AS4 upgrade?

The up2date it will update your RPMS included in your system like new patches or kernel,bugs ... etc
but if you want upgrade your system may you will need new licences from Redhat for AS version, but my opinion ES is good, this link will explain you more information:


On 4/18/06, Jay Lee <jlee pbu edu> wrote:
Ryan Ordway wrote:
> Is there an easy way to upgrade systems running RHEL ES 4 to
> RHEL AS 4? I've tried using up2date using --upgrade-to-release and
> --channel --installall, but they don't seem to work.
> If up2date should work, what would be the proper command-line
> options to use?
There is no supported method.  However, if you remove the redhat-release
and install the redhat-release from AS I believe that would do it... You
may need to use --force.


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