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Re: 9i RAC RHEL 4?

On Tue, 2006-02-21 at 14:32 -0500, Brian Long wrote:
> Has anyone on this list deployed 9i RAC on RHEL 4?  I was hoping GFS was
> certified by Oracle on RHEL 4, but Oracle's documentation mentions GFS
> 6.0 which is RHEL 3  :(
> Are folks using OCFS on RHEL 4 (the Oracle-ceritified Unbreakable
> solution)?  Or are you staying on RHEL 3 for 9i RAC using GFS?

Are you sure you have all of this right?  As far as I know only OCFS v1
is certified with 9i RAC.  OCFS v1 is RHEL3 only just like GFS 6.0.

As far as I know OCFS v2 is not "certified" with any 2.6 based distro,
and certainly not RHEL4.  There are plenty of people reporting success
with OCFS v2 on SLES9 over on the SuSE Oracle Mailing list, but OCFS v2
is included with SLES9 out of box as an officially supported filesystem
from SuSE.

On the other hand, OCFS v2 is an addon for RHEL4 and when it comes to
kernel updates and the like you'll be at the mercy of when the OCFS v2
team releases updated RPM's.

Basically, I think what this boils down to is this, for 9i RAC, your
stuck with RHEL3.  With RHEL3 you can choose raw devices, OCFS v1, or
GFS and still be certified.

I could be wrong, but we just went through all of this with our Oracle
support people back in December and I don't think anything major has
changed, especially for 9i.  10g is another matter.


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