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Re: Maximum username length

On 7/3/06, Stanley, Jon <Jon Stanley savvis net> wrote:

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> It should be 31 lowercase characters plus some punctuation (.) for
> RHEL-3 and RHEL-4. I do not know about RHEL-2.1

That being said, there are practical reasons that you don't want to go
beyond 8 characters (which may or may not apply to your situation).

If you're using a centralized authentication scheme (like NIS), some
OS's may not support the long usernames (Solaris, etc).

in most cases that I have seen.. the driving reason is that the
directory service being used is Active Directory adn those that can
not support Windows naming schemes just are no longer supportable as
an enterprise OS.

Stephen J Smoogen.
CSIRT/Linux System Administrator

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