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Re: no more MySQL source RPM?

On 18 Jul 2006, at 01:18, Don Buchholz wrote:

Fine by me (being the guy who started this thread). I'm dealing with 35 WS and 1 ES subscriptions (and anticipating the purchase of about 25-30 more
before the end of the calendar year).

mwahaha... I have you beat by a factor of 100 ;o)

I guess John put it much more succinctly than I have.  I *am* peeved.
I am peeved (1) that the RHN is broken, and that (2) following the
instructions on how to deal with a broken system [Bugzilla ticket]
appears to have been of absolutely no use whatsoever. Har-rumphh!

I've had this before with RedHat over other issues. With so many users myself, I often get them to BugZilla stuff then send me the link rather than trying to describe it myself. After a week of no reply I enter a formal support request, also complaining about the lack of BZ action. The standard first response is "thanks for telling us this, but RedHat does not officially support BZ, the only way to get some action is to add a support request. We'll get back to you soon."

So their instructions to BZ it are a lie - if you are expecting a response you have to open a support ticket... which is crap because unlike BZ, no-one outside your RHN organisation can see your support tickets so we can't self-police duplicates.


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