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RE: Always about SAN & online resizing

I hate replying to myself but I solved with:

 echo "scsi remove-single-device <h> <b> <t> <l>" > /proc/scsi/scsi 
 echo "scsi add-single-device <h> <b> <t> <l>" > /proc/scsi/scsi 

after unmounting filesystem, repetaing for all 4 paths to my Clariion CX700.
Then 'multipath' sees the largest LUN without problems.

It is not "online" in the full sense of the word but it is always better of

Some other suggestion?


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> Subject: Always about SAN & online resizing
> This is one of the most frequent topics on this list :-)
> I'm testing multipath on a SAN with an EMC Clariion CX700 
> disk-array (see recent "dm-multipath and EMC CX700" thread).
> Now I'd like to see if there is a way to resize a filesystem 
> without rebooting (or unloading/loading the kernel module).
> Array and OS tools (LVM2, ext2online, etc)) are OK but it 
> seems that the biggest problem is upstream: rescanning SCSI 
> bus to show to OS the enlarged LUN.
> Is there a really working procedure? 
> I read about 'sg_reset', 'scsi remove'/'scsi add', ... but.. 
> what is the correct way?
> Thanks
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> Domenico Viggiani
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