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RE: How do you entitle and get support for RHEL?


> Previously I don't think so, RHN Satellite Server was a rather costly
> product and simply wasn't worth the cost/maintenance to save the
> bandwidth.  However, I have read that RedHat has decided to Open
> Satellite Server so it would be a very good choice for your management
> and update needs.  I have ~10 servers myself and am looking forward to
> giving it a try.

Interesting. I didn't see signs of that on their site, but I didn't look
very hard either. Bandwidth isn't as big of an issue as getting the
correct entitlements and trying to manage them is.

> You're really asking two questions here:  Are there other
> Yes, Oracle rebuilds and has announced full support for their
> RHEL distros.  CentOS is a freely downloadable rebuild also.  Are they
> good? Not as good as RedHat IMHO.  I don't trust Oracle as far as I
> throw them (and they are really really big).  I'm not convinced they
> understand Linux or ever really will and so their drive behind Linux
> change as soon as the market changes.  CentOS is pretty good but lags
> behind RHEL with updates and sometimes has trouble with builds not
> correct.

Oh good. You mentioned Oracle. We are a big Oracle customer and I am
very aware of their recent support offering, but, it seems to be more
then just a rebranding of RHEL. It seems as if they will be making
changes to it (which would make it not a stock RHEL which others would
certify their product to run on). Can anyone confirm or deny this?

> I will probably use proxy myself.  Here are some URLs with details:

Thanks for the URLs.


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