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Re: Swap partition - what is the best way of doing it?

> The system I am now working on has 8GB.  The Vendor says you should
> make a partition which is twice that of the size of the amount of RAM,
> which would be 16GB swap.  

the vendor is wrong for 2.6 kernels.

> However, RedHat specifies in the RHEL4 install guide that you should
> create several swap partitions of 2GB in size, to be twice the size of
> the physical RAM up to 2GB, but thereafter you should add space
> equivalent to the remainder of the RAM.  So for example, in a 4GB
> system, you would have 3 partitions of 2GB in size, to make a 6GB
> total swap, and in 8GB, you would have 5 2GB partitions, to make 10GB.

that's more reasonable, but still on the high. 
> Do I really need to create these as separate swap files, and which
> model should I follow – RedHat’s or the vendors?

neither mentions this (because it was the case in RHEL2.1), but since
RHEL3, swap partitions and swap files can be bigger than 2Gb (upto like
128Gb or so, I haven't tried bigger) without any problem.

SO I would go with 1 partition for this (unless you have multiple disks,
then it's probably nicer to spread it out some), and I don't think going
over 8Gb makes sense at all; but it depends a bit on what the box will
be used for. If you expect extreme workload spikes you may want to go to
10Gb, while if you expect very smooth constant behavior even 2Gb or 4Gb
should be more than plenty....

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