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Re: Swap partition - what is the best way of doing it?

Andrew Hodgson wrote:

I know this is a can of worms.  All the machines I worked on up until now
had 1/2GB, and so I just created a standard 2GB partition.

The system I am now working on has 8GB.  The Vendor says you should make a
partition which is twice that of the size of the amount of RAM, which would
be 16GB swap.  However, RedHat specifies in the RHEL4 install guide that you
should create several swap partitions of 2GB in size, to be twice the size
of the physical RAM up to 2GB, but thereafter you should add space
equivalent to the remainder of the RAM.  So for example, in a 4GB system,
you would have 3 partitions of 2GB in size, to make a 6GB total swap, and in
8GB, you would have 5 2GB partitions, to make 10GB.

Do I really need to create these as separate swap files, and which model
should I follow - RedHat's or the vendors?

To my mind the rules-of-thumb are a lot of rot.

I have a PC with 512 Mbytes of RAM. Assume I have 1024 Mbytes of swap.

RAM is cheap, I go and buy and add a 1 Gb stick. Any guideline that says I now need 1.5 Gbyte of swap is complete nonsense, I got the RAM so I don't need swap.

I don't know a good reason to use swap partitions. Do you?



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