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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.6 General Availability Announcement

Red Hat is pleased to announce the availability of the
release of 4.6 (kernel-2.6.9-67.EL) for the Red Hat Enterprise
Linux 4 family of products including:

    - Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 4 for x86, AMD64/Intel(r) 64,
      Itanium Processor Family, System p, S/390 and System z
    - Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES 4 for x86, AMD64/Intel(r) 64,
      and Itanium Processor Family
    - Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS 4 for x86, AMD64/Intel(r) 64,
      and Itanium Processor Family
    - Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop 4 for x86 and
      AMD64/Intel(r) 64

This release includes the following enhancements:

    - Availability of a full set of updated installable CD ISO
      with OS package updates and install-time support for
      new hardware.

    - Availability of updated Extras ISO images with third
      party package updates.

    - New kernel features include:
      * Added getcpu system call on ia64
      * Added /proc numa maps support
      * Updated Infiniband OFED support to 1.2
      * Added DONTFORK/DOFORK support to madvise()
      * Added /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches to clear pagecache
        and slabcache on demand
      * Removed upper value limit on /proc/sys/vm/max_queue_depth
      * Added ability to disable out of memory killer
      * Added smaps functionality
      * Updated CIFS client to version 1.48aRH
      * Enabled CONFIG_KPROBES to provide Systemtap support

    - Hardware support enhancements:

      * Driver updates including:
        aacraid, adp94xx, bonding, bnx2, cciss, dell_rbu, e1000,
        ehea, forcedeth, ibmveth, IPMI, ipr, iscsi-sfnet, lpfc,
        megaraid_sas, mptfusion, OpenIB, qla2100, qla2200,
        qla2300, qla2322, qla2400, qla2xxx, qla3xxx, qla4xxx,
        qla6312, s2io, sdio, sym53c8xx, tg3

      * Drivers added:
        arcmsr, cxgb3, e1000e, netxen, pata_jmicron,

      * Added platform support:
        + cpuid4 emulation for AMD processors
        + ACPI: support for PCI Root Bridge detection on
          HP rx6600/rx3600
        + CPU frequency scaling on Conroe Broadwater boxes
        + k8_edac driver supports revision F processors
        + sb600 SMBus device IDs
        + Disable mmconfig on Intel DG965MQ and D26928
        + Oprofile support for new Greyhound performance counter
        + s390
          = packed stack layout
          = 3592 crypto tape support
          = hypfs support for z/VM
        + edac_mc sysfs support
        + Hitachi HDS7250SASUN500G 0621KTAWSD to ncq blacklist
        + Additional device IDs for ATI SB700
        + Intel 6300ESB Watchdog timer
        + eHCA driver for ppc platform
        + OProfile kernel support for POWER6 and 970MP

    - Samba upgrade from 3.0.10 to 3.0.25

    - lvm2 Mirrored Root Support

    - Backported NFS performance metrics from 2.6.17-rc6

    - ibmvscsi driver now includes diskdump support

    - Selectable dump filtering

    - gdm update for audit system

    - Newer version of alsa available

    - Backported WPA Supplicant driver

    - Added session keyring initialization PAM module

    - Microcode update

    - Linux-z/VM Monitor Stream

    - DASD awareness for multipath-tools

    - netdump-server now with configurable location for dump files

    - automounter load balancing with replicated servers

Technology Previews

Technology Preview features are included in Red Hat
Enterprise Linux to provide the features with wide exposure
in a non-production environment.  Customers are free to provide
feedback and functionality suggestions for a Technology Preview
feature before it becomes fully supported in a future release.
Technology Preview features are currently not supported under
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.6 subscription services, may not be
functionally complete, and are not supported for production

Errata will be provided for high-severity security issues in
Technology Preview features.  Red Hat intends to fully support
Technology Preview features in a future release.  See the Red
Hat Enterprise Linux 4.6 Release Notes for more information
about these Technology Previews:

    - autofs5
    - evolution 28
    - frysk
    - gcc4
    - systemtap

Accessing the Software

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.6 is available to existing
Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscribers via RHN.  The channels
will automatically appear in your account.  Installable
binary and source ISO images are available via Red Hat Network


You will be required to login using a valid RHN account with active

Customer Support

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.6 customers who have assigned
Technical Account Managers (TAMs) should report all issues
with this release using your current Issue Tracker account.

All other customers should report issues via their respective
Red Hat support contacts by logging a problem ticket at:



Release notes are available on the Red Hat documentation
site at:


Mailing Lists

Red Hat has a public mailing list for communication during this
and all future Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 programs.

* rhelv4-announce redhat com

    A low-volume, moderated, announcement-only mailing list.
    Red Hat will use this list to communicate one-way information
    about RHEL 4 programs, such as notifications when updates are
    available or solicitations for feedback.  Subscribe at:


* nahant-list redhat com

    A public general discussion mailing list for users of
    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 updates.  Subscribe at:


Enjoy the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.6 release.


The Red Hat Enterprise Linux Team

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