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Re: small 'rmdir' bug on EL3 and EL4?

John Summerfield schrieb:
John Haxby wrote:
Rainer Traut wrote:
As I said in my first post, I have cron scripts which should only give output if there is something wrong.

But 'rmdir' with -v option always writes to stderr so I always get mails from these scripts.

Fwiw 'rm' does not show this behaviour.
Fair enough :-)

That looks like a bug to me, albeit a minor one. I'd log a bug and attach a patch then no one can claim it's too hard to fix.

As I pointed out earlier, It's not a bug, unless one counts the chap at the keyboard.
Maybe you have a bad day?

rmdir and the shell are performing according to documented behaviour.
This command will produce no messages:
rmdir -v myDir/  >/dev/null 2>&1

Everybody tells me the order is important, so this is:
stdout redirected to /dev/null and stderror redirected to the new stdout /dev/null , right?

surprise, surprise... no output on console.

whereas the original command produces error message (normally going to stderr) on stdout. This is often desired behaviour, and is what is expected to happen.

The problem are the error messages which are no error messages and therefore should go to stdout.
Where or when is this desired?

Again, "rm -v" acts different than "rmdir -v". Is there any reason these should act different?


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