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Re: small 'rmdir' bug on EL3 and EL4?

John Haxby schrieb:
John Summerfield wrote:
As I pointed out earlier, It's not a bug, unless one counts the chap at the keyboard.

rmdir and the shell are performing according to documented behaviour.

I missed this point the first time around. In the man page for rmdir it says:

      -v, --verbose
             output a diagnostic for every directory processed

and in the man page for rm it says:

      -v, --verbose
             explain what is being done

And yet

   mkdir directory; touch file
   (rmdir -v directory; rm -v file) >/dev/null

produces this:

   rmdir: removing directory, directory

And changing the ">" for "2>" produces this:

   removed `file'

rmdir produces its helpful diagnostic on stderr, rm on stdout. They should be the same (and rmdir probably should produce its diagnostic on stdout, not stderr). Since both belong to coreutils, there's no real excuse for the inconsistency.

I think Rainer now understands about the redirection thing :-)

Oh thanks and you understand me. :)


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