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Re: Server hangs out

mohammed saif wrote:
> Hi all,
> We have a DL380 G5 server that run oracle 10g on RHEL4U0, and it
> accesses a raid 1 harddsiks from the shared storage, before 2 days,
> when I tried to list the directory that stored in the shared storage,
> system just hangs out. After checking some stuff I noticed the following
> when I do fdisk for the shared area partition:
> Warning: Invalid flag 0X0000 of partition table 4 will be corrected by
> w(rite) ....... Disk doesn't contain a valid partition table, but after
> reboot I could access the directory and list all the contenets and I
> could take a full backup. I saw also of mails talking about some HP
> acceselerator error that the H/W engineer is analysing it.
> Now, Is it H/W or OS related problem?

Not sure without a lot more info, but are you seriously running RHEL 4
with no updates?

I suspect the first thing you're going to get if you open a ticket is
"you need to be at update 5."  There has been a ton of hardware
enablement since RHEL 4 was first released - c'mon, that was over two
years ago.

I imagine Oracle even expects that you'll be running on at least a
moderately up to date version of RHEL.
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