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Re: Beware of current RHEL4 kernel

Clark, Patti wrote:

We are running Oracle OEM on a Dell 1850 - a single purpose box.  That
last kernel produced kernel panics within hours of each reboot.  We have
gone back to the previous kernel release.
I have the new kernel on all of my other boxes without issue.  All of
them are Dell platforms of varying flavors and applications.

Mine crashed again. I reinstalled an older kernel and verified that it's first in GRUB's list.

My system's a whitebox built on an Intel desktop board.

I'm not sure that it's the same problem, but it _was_ responding to ping, did not allow (ssh) connexions, did not respond to keyboard input or the power button (as used to shut the system down).

At the time it occurred, I wasn't interested in finding a camera to get a screendump, the reset button was the go.



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