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Re: Routing

Chris Adams wrote:
Once upon a time, Bill Unruh <unruh physics ubc ca> said:
 192.168.x.x addresses are not forwarded by
routers. They are simply thrown away as private addresses.

Not true; there's nothing technically "magic" about 192.168/16 (or
172.16/20 or 10/8) addresses.  Any router with a route for such
addresses will forward them, and any router without a route will not
(unless there is a default route, in which case it will still forward

The only thing special about these addresses is an RFC that sets them
aside for private networks, which means they'll never be allocated by a
registry to an ISP or end-user.

and they should not be forwarded across an organisation's boundary.

It leaves some debate about what constitutes an organisation, I believe Vodafone allocates 10.x.x.x addresses to mobile clients, so that suggests Vodafone views its clients as part of its organisation.

generally, I don't see why IAPs don't assign private IP addresses to their clients (I'll have to ask one sometime). It should be a simple matter to forward to public IP addresses where requested, and it would do much to manage the spread of worms and manage users' privacy.



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