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nspluginwrapper status


I wanted to write about this for a long time but I didn't have a
chance yet. I am sorry, but I am taking the opportunity of this short
vacation to tell a few words about it. As you probably noticed, my web
server does not exist any more for some time. More specifically, the
server suffered an (reportedly) HW failure on December, 25th 2009
(nice gift...). Even worse, the ISP had changed the backup server to a
new one but the older backups are also gone. :-/

I found an old backup (~2006) at home but this won't be enough. I
remember I once generated an svn dump for RH people too but since I
don't find anything in my archives, I believe it stayed in the (now
dead) server. However, what I still have are older source tarballs. I
also wondered if it wouldn't be possible to extract the data from the
Google cache, but I didn't have the time to investigate further.


I saw David volunteered to become the new upstream maintainer. I have
no objections, unless Martin wants to take the role since he has been
working on the project for a longer time. Thanks.


* The LSB stuff for ia32 can indeed die. It was initially desired so
that building on Debian systems is less effort. On other systems, this
is a non issue since they can easily build 32-/64-bit binaries or at
least install i386 packages on x86_64 systems.

* I have an (awful) patch I wrote ~3 years ago that makes it possible
to render to OpenGL. It was initially useful to allow for Flash Player
integration to a Clutter object. Not a real-world use case, so I doubt
this would interest anyone. Besides, I am not even sure this works
with new Flash Player binaries (>= 10.0).

I wished I could dedicate more time to my original projects, but I was
not capable enough to get it. I am sorry for that.


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