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[ANN] nspluginwrapper 1.3.2


nspluginwrapper 1.3.2, a development snapshot leading to 1.4.0, is now available.

Changes from 1.3.0:
* Work around lack of client-side windows in Flash
* Fix race condition when NPP_Destroy was called while viewer is busy
* Fix build on modern Linux platforms
* Support NPAPI 0.24, in particular, Flash can now query for private browsing
* Don't export any symbols but those necessary
* Support XEmbeding npplayer into another application
* Remove NPClass::HasMethod cache; it was incorrect
* Fix initializing two wrapped plugins with the same name in the same process
* Work around Qt bug that breaks npplayer when Kopete is installed
* Release implicit grabs before forwarding events to fix Flash context menu hang
* Work around Firefox quirk that broke windowless Flash in Firefox 4
* Bind wrapper and viewer event loops together to avoid many many race conditions
* Redesign NPRuntime bridge to avoid leaking proxy objects
* Incorporate release number into ident string so update works on distro patches

A release tarball is available here:


md5sum: 0f85e10f3c10b199dbdc188d62d77981
sha1sum: dad24ef907410ab12363c5d48ac66f4d9c4f5f34

The new git repository is hosted on github.


Notes for packagers:

First, this is the first release since January 2009! There are quite a few changes. In particular, the NPRuntime bridge got all but a complete rewrite, and the synchronization mechanism was reworked. I am not aware of any regressions and both fix some serious problems with the old code. That said, it could use testing, so this release is intended to be a development release. There will be a 1.4.0, so I would recommend waiting for that before updating stable releases.

Second, please look over /all/ of your patches. I suspect none of them apply anymore. I have gone through all I could find and applied or rewrote the ones that make sense. I believe the only relevant patches left are wrapper management ones (src/npw-config.c). I intend to resolve that mess for 1.6.0. If anyone is carrying my patches to NPP_Destroy and delayed_calls_process (Fedora and Ubuntu?), the reworked NPRuntime bridge and sync code make them unnecessary.

Finally, any distributions that have modified the wrapper management code will want to look over the update process very closely. It has almost certainly never been tested; the -u option skips updating wrappers whose version strings match the current one. Unfortunately, that version string only took into account the upstream version number, so the code has done nothing for the past two years. It now takes into account the release number in the nspluginwrapper.spec file, so remember to update it when adding patches that change the wrapper. I made notes on the situation myself, but they may be inaccurate.


If you run into problems, please let me know. It helps to run your browser with NPW_DEBUG=1. You'll get a lot of debug spew.


David Benjamin

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