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[olpc-software] lapWiki - Wiki/eBook experiment for OLPC

Following up on my email a while back.  Sourceforge is being slow
granting me a project so I'm hosting it myself for now (so don't do
anything crazy :)

Links to live demo and source here,

More info on the project is in the 'Intro to lapWiki' book.

Logo (from http://www.smallthought.com/logo/) requires a browser that
supports Canvas and Javascript.  Table of Contents requires Javascript.
Save-without-page-transition requires XMLHttpRequest equiv.  Will
(should) work without any of those, you just won't get certain features.
Basically recent versions of FF and IE should be fine, other browsers

I'm requesting feeback on the validity of the project.  I don't want to
invest any more effort in it unless it's at least deemed to be going in
a worthwhile direction.  I like it, I think it is, but then I don't
choose what software goes on to the laptop :D

If someone vandalises or accidently breaks it just email me and I'll
reset it.

Please take a look.  Comments of all kinds welcome (even bad ones :)
Highlights include...

* Wiki with some eBookish features
* Books as single files
* Any media can be added to a book
* No long running daemon as it's (x)inetd based (Will (x)inetd be in
OLPC? If not then some daemon code can be added to lapWiki)
* No webserver required as it has a simple one built-in
* Small (lapwiki ~30k, sqlite3 shared lib 300k, libmagic shared lib 50k)
* Fast (well, actually that will largely depend on the speed of sqlite
on flash)
* Robust, as SQLite is an ACID database engine
* Copy pages from book to book (although support is pretty basic at the
* Config is just another book, take a look at initial.sql and config.db.
In here you'll find all that you need to localise and otherwise adjust
the look, feel and function of the wiki.


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