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Re: [olpc-software] No package manager?

On Mon, 2006-03-13 at 17:10 -0500, Christopher Blizzard wrote:

> I think that this is the most important paragraph in this mail, because 
> it touches on what we're really talking about here: that the design and 
> experience has to come first, and figuring out how we implement it comes 
> second.  It could be rpm, or dpkg, or 0install, or something we write 
> ourselves; it doesn't matter.  As long as we are able to enable a 
> specific user experience that allows schools to publish, kids to share 
> and makes machines bullet proof with an elegant way to unscrew busted 
> apps that a kid has gone and played with, I'd be pretty happy.

As will I.

My intuition is we'll need orphan detection/elimination; I'd forgotten
about 0install, and should not have.  That, plus the limited flash, is
what has made my opinion we need dependency information, and whether we
call it a package system, or it's hidden under the covers, is

				- Jim

Jim Gettys
One Laptop Per Child

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