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Re: [olpc-software] No package manager?

Hi Alan --

At 03:40 AM 3/14/2006, Alan Cox wrote:
On Mon, Mar 13, 2006 at 08:27:17PM -0800, Alan Kay wrote:
> doing constructivist learning (e.g. with LOGO-like scripting). It is very
> likely that a thicker client will be required here to make up for what
> should be in the browsers, and this thicker client will have to be easy for
> nonHDLT child users to get.

Clearly OLPC needs networking and its own hosted applications. Thats why I
asked if anyone was actually doing school systems which are not in fact just
thin client based. I simply can't find any below university level.

We have been, and in many countries. http://www.squeakland.org

But, as I said, what schools generally do is more of a marketing than an educational survey. We want to help much better education happen in all parts of the world than happens in most schools. We think that ideas influenced by Seymour's constructionist theories that involve children building models of ideas in languages like LOGO are an important part. Most educational bureaucracies don't agree. Part of the idea of HDLT is to ship some of these constructionist ideas as part of the offering. I believe they should be strongly involved in the media that children do other authoring it. Etc.



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