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Re: [olpc-software] How fast does it take to write a system from a scratch?

Stephen J. Smoogen wrote:
With these systems how long does it take to write 250MB of data onto
the system? And are there any strawmen for how the laptop will be
installed from say the teachers computer or the overworked IS
technician who bicycles from village to village?

I don't know how many minutes we're talking about. Probably not many. But the idea with this system is that it anyone has enough knowledge to re-install the system. That means simple, simple, simple. And keeping the OS stateless.

Here are a couple possible deployment scenarios:

o Someone has problems with their laptop. They decide to try to re-install the operating system. They borrow the USB key that the school has, puts it in the laptop and boots off of it. It automatically replaces the OS without affecting the user data or the applications that are installed on the system.

o See above, except that LinuxBIOS lets us boot off the local wireless.

o Two students can connect their laptops together using a USB cable and the broken machine can be re-installed from his or her friend's laptop.

The basic idea is that the reinstall of the OS isn't scary, doesn't require questions and can be accomplished by anyone. And that the apps don't really require administration.


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