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Re: [olpc-software] AbiWord, HIG

Just curious ... why is a lot of real estate still being taken for non-content items?

There are very likely more compact solutions that start out with everything being visible, but as the user learns can move to more subtle and smaller cues and access. Also, the chip set can do alpha blending, and we've experimented with using that to overlay some of the UI, etc.

Good start ... I encourage you to continue with more and different experiments ...

P.S. Can AbiWord take plugins (like a LOGO) that could manipulate its media?



At 01:02 PM 3/12/2006, Robert Staudinger wrote:

we AbiWord developers are pretty excited to be considered for
inclusion on the OLPC. Currently however our user interface doesn't
work very well on small screen resolutions.
What I'm wondering is if/how the gnome HIG applies to the OLPC. Off
the top of my head i'd see quite some difference regarding the target

At [1] you will find mockups of a more screen real estate conscious
AbiWord user interface. It's heavily inspired by [2] but does away
with the traditional menu/toolbar split. Every toplevel menuitem has a
default action assigned as a toolbar button. Further toolbuttons are
in a separate toolbar which is wrapped into an own line.
My personal favourites are (2) and (3); please disregard (5), this is
a browser mockup.

What do you think about that approach?

[1] http://www.abisource.com/~rob/tmp/mockups.png
[2] http://tango-project.org/Window_Experiments

Best regards,

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