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[olpc-software] iSCSI initiator on OLTP

Hello All,

I would like to know if having iSCSI initiator software would help in extending the storage capability of the OLTP ?

Though the same objective can be achieved by NFS, iSCSI is more CPU efficient in providing access to the storage.

I am imagining/assuming the school/community center would provide a common iSCSI target to which all the OLTP Laptops will connect to.

Please post your comments and feedback.

Thanks and Regards,



ps: iSCSI initiator provides block level access to storage over TCP/IP Network. With iSCSI initiator on OLTP laptop (connected to an iSCSI target

     over wire-less network) the user can use the storage as if a local hard disk is present. This software is already part of Linux operating systems.

     But including that in OLTP might call for trimming down, optimizing and integrating with other OLTP components.

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