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Re: [olpc-software] age target?

On Wed, Mar 22, 2006 at 06:52:49AM -0800, Alan Kay wrote:
> >invited to watch a VCD I found which presents multiplication tables to
> >music.
> We are agreeing here. As I said, there is no reason that things will be 
> better in the 3rd world.

Yes, indubitably.

> The goal here is not to "report success" but to get many things moving in 
> better directions. The HDLT project is a reach towards many possibilities.

This is probably a stupid question but where can I find out more about
HDLT?  Google unhelpfully points me to the Helicon Double Layer

> > I read Seymour Papert's books and that's where
> >I disagree with his emphasis.  He seems to argue that utopia software is
> >more important than the software license.
> ??? I'm missing something here ...

I don't recall Papert talking about software licensing in his books.
Furthermore, most of the software listed at the Logo Foundation is
proprietary.  Last time I checked, the software which isn't proprietary
is pretty poor.


> I'm missing the significance of this. All of the SW going out on the HDLT 
> will be free and open.

Good :-)

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