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Re: [olpc-software] age target?

Hi --

With Google try "$100 laptop". The OLPC website is http://laptop.org/

At 07:18 AM 3/22/2006, Joshua N Pritikin wrote:
On Wed, Mar 22, 2006 at 06:52:49AM -0800, Alan Kay wrote:
This is probably a stupid question but where can I find out more about
HDLT?  Google unhelpfully points me to the Helicon Double Layer

> > I read Seymour Papert's books and that's where
> >I disagree with his emphasis.  He seems to argue that utopia software is
> >more important than the software license.
> ??? I'm missing something here ...

I don't recall Papert talking about software licensing in his books.
Furthermore, most of the software listed at the Logo Foundation is
proprietary.  Last time I checked, the software which isn't proprietary
is pretty poor.


When did Seymour write those books?

I think most of this is 20 years out of date and moot wrt HDLT. There are a number of open source free LOGOs around, and an enormous number of books with LOGO projects in them, for learners from very early age through college computer science (Brian Harvey's books) and deep mathematics ("Turtle Geometry" by diSessa and Abelson).



> I'm missing the significance of this. All of the SW going out on the HDLT
> will be free and open.

Good :-)

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