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[olpc-software] Source repository access

Hello Team OLPC!

I'm pleased to be able to announce that the Mercurial source repositories
are now setup on the Fedora Project servers. All the existing OLPC related
code we've been working on inside Red Hat is now migrated over to the 
publically accessible Fedora servers - full changelog history intact. The
modules include the tools we use to build the OS firmware images from a Fedora
base, all the QEMU related tools & apps, testing tools such as those used
recently in tracking down mozilla pixmap leaks, and an early start of the
SDK. Further info on individual projects is available here


An overview of the OLPC repository layout, along with details of how to
submit patches back upstream, is also up on the wiki:


Those familiar with Mercurial can go direct to the repositories


Finally if you want to learn more about Mercurial:


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