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Re: [olpc-software] graceful handling of out-of-memory conditions

On Mon, 2006-03-27 at 21:37 -0600, Dean T. Johnson wrote:

> I totally agree, but doubt that it could be done effectively. In my use 
> model for users in less than ideal conditions (think African bush), 
> which bears absolutely no resemblence to probably anybody elses, is that 
> they might have periodic connection to the net. In this case, a web 
> browser only model would preclude looking at the email later and a 
> responding while off-line.
> Perhaps someone could write a browser plugin or two that would do the 
> various tasks of a mailer. Basically use the browser as an interface 
> framework.

This day may come, and come pretty soon.  You can bet Google with Gmail
would like to enable offline use as it is one of the big inhibitors for
wider adoption.

Until then, we have to plan on a conventional mail client for offline
                              - Jim

Jim Gettys
One Laptop Per Child

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