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Re: [olpc-software] Authentication, authorization, personalization/imprinting

On Tue, 28 Mar 2006, David Malcolm wrote:

> The "On installing software" thread touched on authentication...
> Some traditional factors of authentication are:
> something you know:
> - passwords, PINs:  are these really usable if the target audience is
> not literate/numerate?

> something you have:
> - the laptop itself?

I got the impression there some assumption of school teacher handing out
the laptops and giving some basic instruction, at least how to turn it on.
Autologon sounds like the best idea though.

> something you are:
> - biometrics?  My assumption is that these can't be done whilst staying
> in budget

probably not the most practical solution but I vague recall typing
patterns being used as an identifier but that is signficantly more
complicated than a passphrase.

If I recall correctly a soundcard is planned, is any kind of sound
recording device planned?  (Voice identification?)

The ability to add prerecorded sounds (lessons) sounds like an ideal way
for users to "program" the laptop for their needs (but if a recording
device is not already included it is a moot point, but perhaps teachers
could still provide useful recordings/podcasts).

Alan H.

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