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Re: [Open-scap] Editing XCCDF/OVAL

Hi Sven,

You might want to check out the SCAP Workbench
(https://fedorahosted.org/scap-workbench/), the Recommendation Tracker
(http://sourceforge.net/projects/rectracker/), and the eSCAPe editor

Hope this helps.



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Hi guys,

I'm currently trying to get a hardening guide up (through XCCDF) with
support for validation (through OVAL) for the Gentoo distribution. For the
time being, I'm editing the document through whatever favorite text editor
is out there (in my case, vim) but this is becoming quite an effort.

What kind of tools are out there for developing XCCDF/OVAL content? I have
seen a few graphical tools (but they didn't help much beyond automated id
generation) and Tresys' SCC, but that didn't reduce the complexity as much.

	Sven Vermeulen

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