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Re: [Open-scap] Editing XCCDF/OVAL

Hi Svan,

scap-workbench is a tool developed by us. It allows user to do the local scan, 
"tailor"(adjust) XCCDF checklist profile and edit XCCDF content.

> Hi Sven,
> You might want to check out the SCAP Workbench
> (https://fedorahosted.org/scap-workbench/), the Recommendation Tracker
> (http://sourceforge.net/projects/rectracker/), 
rectracker is a new to me. It looks it use mysql. Good.

> and the eSCAPe editor
> (http://www.g2-inc.com/escape)?

What all these have in common is that they are all GUI tools. I'd like to 
point you at this approach:


It's a combination of: Makefiles, XSLT, XML, SCC and GIT. 
Please don't get scared now. It might look like a mess but it's not. ;) 
Personally, I like it more then GUI approach. 

* Version control system comes very handy in process of content development. 
(Undo, Redo, History, ...)
* SCC gets you thru OVAL disadventages. 
* XML for XCCDF is doable. You can also use XML editor. 
* XSLT for html.
* Finally, Makefile to "build" it a all.

Please take a look and I'll be glad if you share your opinion with us.


> Hope this helps.
> Thanks,
> Danny
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> Hi guys,
> I'm currently trying to get a hardening guide up (through XCCDF) with
> support for validation (through OVAL) for the Gentoo distribution. For the
> time being, I'm editing the document through whatever favorite text editor
> is out there (in my case, vim) but this is becoming quite an effort.
> What kind of tools are out there for developing XCCDF/OVAL content? I have
> seen a few graphical tools (but they didn't help much beyond automated id
> generation) and Tresys' SCC, but that didn't reduce the complexity as much.
> Wkr,
> 	Sven Vermeulen
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