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[Open-scap] OpenSCAP library gets a high level API

Hello developers building on top of OpenSCAP

As You might have noticed, the libopenscap API is quite comprehensive
and low level. In the past, if you were building a simple XCCDF scanner
on top of libopenscap, you would been required to write several hundreds
lines of code. Moreover, in connection with SCAP 1.2 adoption, we have
made a few changes of API which required users of the library to amend
their programs.

We would like to reduce this phenomenon in future, thus we have decided
to introduce high level API. The high level API shall reduce the
maintenance costs and it can be combined with the rest of API.

You can review the newly added API in


and its usage in


As usual, we do welcome any comments and patches.

Simon Lukasik
Security Technologies

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