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Re: [OS:N:]what prog language?

I keep getting a 404 error on their page when I try to download the
"open" version.  Is there a mirror somewhere?


Charles Walter wrote:

I would like to see people use Borland's Delphi equivalent called Kylix. It is $199.00 and also offered under GNU download for free. It is a drag and drop super environment that extends Pascal to new heights. I am a Delphi programmer for years and delighted at Kylix announcements.

At 11-10-01 03:36, you wrote:

Regarding programming -

what language should be used to teach programming? I know that Pascal
is still used by some and that OS compilers are available (though I
have not used one myself - I used TurboPascal some years ago). Logo
has been mentioned. There is always BASIC - not my favourite tho'.

what language should be used to write educational software? Python may
be. Depends on the application of course. Am not really a C++
programmer myself.


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