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RE: [OS:N:] Know thine enemy...

Ok, here's what I'd like everyone to do, but no one will like it, which is why 
it isn't going to happen:

EVERYONE switches away from Windoze, preferably to GNU/Linux, without any kind 
of Windoz emulator or networking support. This happens over a period of weeks, 
at the most.

Over the next few months, software is developed more for Linux than anything 
else, and much like the way Windoz is today, there has to be a Linux version 
for everything; otherwise, they'd have much smaller audiences, mainly little 
old ladies who are afraid of change and former M$ employees who can't get over 
the crash of their all-M$ 401k's and have gone into shock.

Older software that no one wants to make a true Linux port of is recompiled 
with the Wine libraries, but eventually, like most old software, either 
becomes extinct or makes new, better, GNU/Linux versions.

Not all software is free or open-source, but enough is that technically, you 
could never use closed-source or proprietary software again. This is true 
today, but only so far.

Finally, as companies evolve into the new economy (or die) we start paying for 
hardware and services (like techuspport and training), rather than software 
that costs so little per package (next to nothing for M$ pre-installed, even 
counting labor costs) that until now, we've all been paying way too much for.

This isn't going to happen, so for the moment, we're forced to make Windoz 
ports of open-source software, develop projects like Wine, and whine about 
Windoze every day. Because the question I hear most often is "What's the 
point?" when I mention Linux, and there really isn't too much of an answer. 
Sure, you can say it's faster, more reliable, and so on, but there are people 
who are so deluded by Microsoft's lies that they actually would trust M$ more 
than Linux, praise how Windoze is such a good product, etc.

And there are the people who don't know the difference, except that every 
program on Linux exists on Windoz (whether the same program or a clone -- it 
often seems like various programs (notably DOS utilities) have been taken from 
*nix utilities of the same name) and there are Windoz programs that no one has 
ported to Linux. Wine is still Alpha, and hard for experts to configure, much 
less the average user, so they figure that until they get a really compelling 
reason to switch, they'll just keep going with Windoz.

That's why I'd like an overnight revolution. My mom has a subscription to a 
program that delivers CDs to her every month, which she has to install over 
the old ones. Imagine if one day, she got a CD that said "Linux Only". What 
would she do? She'd either get rid of the CD and complain to the company (not 
likely) or she'd ask me to install Linux for her.

Catch 22. Cheers.

woof! woof! I'm @dog.com
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