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Re: [OS:N:] The Case for Linux in Universities

Michael Tiemann wrote:
I don't believe I have seen this on the list before, but it is one of the better pages I've seen on the topic. It's also a great example of putting thought into action. ...


Thanks for the kind words! The paper has already been translated into Spanish, and just now someone asked permission to translate it into hindi, telugu, and tamil!

BTW I gave a talk on this subject at the Southern California Linux Expo
last week; the slides and streaming video are up at http://www.kegel.com/linux/edu

I'm following up by hosting a round table discussion on the
12th in Los Angeles with the Red Hat road trip crew and a bunch
of local univerity sysadmins.  Details at http://www.lalugs.org/roundtable.html
My goal with the roundtable is to achieve some consensus on
what it will take to make Linux irresistable to universities.

It's a very exciting time to be a Linux advocate - lots of good news.
- Dn

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