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[OS:N:] No One Likes Diversity

Here's a little snippet from a provocative NYT article on the most over- and under-rated ideas of the year:

"Now that the Supreme Court has agreed to consider the affirmative action policy of the University of Michigan, we will be hearing a lot of arguments for and against diversity.

"But these arguments will be so much shadowboxing — stalking-horses for the real arguments — because diversity is not a condition anyone actually desires.

"What people desire is the alteration of a situation that displeases them; they regard it as an injustice that some group or population has been excluded from a benefit. They are not for diversity with a capital D — no one is. They are for the limited expansion of the franchise in the direction of their preferences.

"In short, diversity — and I would say the same for its close relatives — openness, balance and inclusiveness — is a political rather than a substantive rallying cry. You call for diversity when your enemies dominate the playing field. You preach balance when the numbers are against you; you tout openness when you and your friends have been shut out.

"Once the resonant phrases have had the desired effect and remade the world so it suits you just fine, the universalist vocabulary of diversity, balance and openness is discarded, only to be picked up by those who would deploy it in the service of an agenda you would never sign on to. Live by abstraction, die by abstraction.

"Stanley Fish, dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the University of Illinois at Chicago"

Let's see: Fish is brain food, this is food for thought...can anyone here work a syllogism?

All the best,

John A
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