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[OS:N:] Linux in Schools, Need presentation materials/content

Hi all.

I'm setting up a regional conference on "Linux in Primary Schools"
targeting school systems in Central and Eastern Massachusetts.

I'm looking for presentation material (Slides, brochures, white
papers, web pages - whatever) and presentation content.

Topics we need content for include:
Anything about using Linux in a school (or a medium sized business)
Anything about Linux legal issues (Why the GPL is NOT a virus etc..)
How some schools are already using Linux or LTSP
What school specific applications are available for Linux
(both for administering and teaching/learning )
"What is Linux" or "Linux for Everybody"
Actual costs of running Linux in a school
Training existing tech staff about Linux.

If you have something that can be used as content for this, or 
if you someone who has made any presentation about any of these things
please let me know.

If anyone here has made a presentation to educators about Linux or 
know someone who has please get in touch with me.  Thanks.

I am also looking for people who will be interested in presenting at such a

Thanks for your help.

Jeff Kinz, Emergent Research,  Hudson, MA.  "jkinz ultranet com" 
"jkinz rcn com" copyright 2002.  Use is restricted. Any use is an 
acceptance of the offer at http://users.rcn.com/jkinz/policy.html.

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