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Re: [OS:N:] Re: Linux in schools (cont'd)

On Wed, 2003-01-08 at 14:09, ekunin wrote:
> I do not mean to belabor the point, though it turns out that way and few
> here agree with me, but the issue of one or several distros as is clear from
> Chris's post, is a matter of point of view. If you are a sophisticated
> computer user who gets off on tweaking things, you see limitations on your
> right to tweak as an abridgement of "freedom". If you want Linux to go
> mainstream, I believe you must look at it from the perspective of the
> unsophisticated user who uses his computer like he uses his television set,
> that is turns it on and off.
> This strikes me as obvious, but apparently it isn't.

This is easily addressed by default settings or install class (ie laptop
v. desktop v. server v. I_am_a_hacker_lemme_do_what_I_want). You can
have an accessible desktop, with the usual batch of productivity tools,
in a menu that makes sense for unsophisticated user without locking down
the system or abridging the level of configurability. If I choose to
change those things, so be it. It's not hurting the average Joe any if I
do, it is hurting me if you insist on catering to the lowest common

You seem to confuse the fact that Linux *can* be infinitely customized
with whether people will do so. 

Back to your car analogy.

I may by a stock Honda with a v-tech engine, and do nothing but drive
myself to work. Or, if I stayed up late and watched "The Fast and the
Furious", I may wish to proceed with putting in a speed chip and nitrous
oxide system. The two live happily together, and function exactly as the
owner sees fit, but both are capable of serving the base function of
transportation, in compliance with road standards, such as driving on
the right at a reasonable speed.

Ed, I swear it's not a matter of whether anyone here gets what you're
saying, some disagree. Others agree, but don't see the huge impasse that
you do. It takes all kinds.


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