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Re: [OS:N:] Re: Linux in Schools (cont'd)

On Fri, Jan 10, 2003 at 08:39:39AM -0500, ekunin wrote:
> Rightly or wrongly I sense hostility in some posts. One fellow put me on his
> "kill list". I'm not sure what that is, but it doesn't sound friendly. I
> guess in all this time, I haven't made myself clear.

Oh, you've made yourself clear.  That's why so many people are auto-filtering
you out of what they see from the list.

Well Ed, I'm not surprised that you don't know what "kill list" means.
You don't even know how to respond to email in an email list and clearly are
not interested in making any effort to educate yourself about this community
you have joined.

Your lack of effort to understand even the simplest cooperative standard
of behaviour used in email aptly demonstrates your self-centered perspective
on life.   Its not that you're an idiot, its just that you insist on behaving
in a fashion that causes us to mistake you for one.  Perhaps its time to
consider a new perspective?  Or at least retiring from this list?

Not understanding how the open source environments and communities work
seems to be your main stock in trade as far as your participation
in this list goes.  Have you read ESR's documents on open source yet?
Until you gain at least a minimal understanding of how the open source
movement really works your posts here are just wasting people time
and bandwidth.

> enough. My wife drives a Civic and neither of us has the slightest desire to
> mess with its computer chips. I do not think Honda automobiles would be as
> popular as they are if there were a Debian Honda, Red Hat Honda, SuS Honda,
> Mandrake Honda-you get the idea. 

Ed - you missed the point again, "automobile" is Linux, Honda is a
distribution.  So think "Ford Automobile", "Chevy Automobile", Honda
Automobile".  And notice the most people who buy these don't tweak them.  Just
as is the case with most computers sold today.  Very few people overclock or
casemod.  But they do want choices, and they have them.  Linux is giving the
world a whole set of new choices for the platform OS.  

Oh - but choice and diversity don't fit in with your version of Utopia,
do they? (see Ed's next line below).

> As for car models in utopia, there might be more than one, but not many
> more. Utopia implies equality. Car models often are status symbols, a means
> to demonstrate inequality. There is such a demand for Hummers they can't

Heh, I wonder how long it would take you to decide that you will tell
each person which model they have to drive.

Your version of utopia is eerily reminiscent of the societies described by
Huxley and Orwell.  the laughable part of this is that you can't see that.

Every human on the planet, even identical twins, are different and unequal.
Your version of utopia will never exist.  For that I am incredibly thankful.

Basically Ed, you don't get it.  And the reason you don't get it is because
the understanding would conflict with your agenda.  Opening yourself
to understanding how Open Source truly works would destroy your current
belief system.  Since you can't accept that you keep trying to re-make
Open Source into something that will fit your utopia agenda.  But your
utopia agenda is opposite to the nature of Linux and Open Source.

Don't despair, there are other versions of utopia which do work with Open
Source and they are advancing themselves as part of the Open Source trend.

Those versions of utopia allow people to be individuals, make their own
decisions and have real choices.

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