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[OS:N:] Another explanation that may appeal to ed

Ed, I don't think the list has been hostile to you in any way.  My guess is 
that Open Software is a paradigm shift for you, and your view is on the other 
side of the shift from ours.

At one time there was a land where there was central control, and central 
planning, and everyone was offered the same goods.  that land eventually 
suffered a systemic failure, and had to change their flag from one that was 
mostly red to one with bright horizontal stripes.

Folks on this list VALUE diversity, and see the idea that appeals to you, a 
standardized centrally controlled centrally planed version of Linux as being 
irrelevant as the old .SU Internet domains.

Their is one product, its all Linux.  If it would make you feel any better, 
since the list is sponsored by Red Hat, a great American Company cofounded by 
a Canadian, consider that the one true Linux for your purposes, and promote 
the heck out of it to your local school authorities.  If asked about the 
"other ones" (Debian, SuSE, Conectivia..... ) just say that they are 
compatible and for the most part interchangeable, just like your Honda can 
take Gas and repairs from EXXON, Shell, PetroCanada, Irving, Gulf, or 
Canadian Tire

Charles MacDonald - Labour Information Management
< My own Opinion unless Otherwise Credited >

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