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[OS:N:] Re: open-source-now-list digest, Vol 1 #465 - 8 msgs

>Message: 5
>From: "ekunin" <ekunin snet net>
>To: <open-source-now-list redhat com>
>Date: Fri, 10 Jan 2003 08:39:39 -0500
>Subject: [OS:N:] Re: Linux in Schools (cont'd)

>Getting Linux into schools has other problems exemplified by the high school
>junior who cannot persuade his teachers to let him install Linux. Linux is
>egalitarian which doesn't sit well in hierarchical school set ups. We need
>to add functions and services to make it irresistible. I have some ideas on
>the subject, but it puts the cart before the horse.

You are so ignorant of what happens in schools that it is ridiculous.
No one working in any of the schools in which I have worked is concerned with keeping students in place in any of your imagined hierarchies.  That is a sheeer fantasy.  My family moved around when I was yong and I attended many schools.  Now, I have worked in a number of schools and I have never seen this.  I have, in fact, known schools that encouraged students, sometimes relied upon them, to set up servers and the like (and even with Linux).
I wish you would stop insulting educators with this students vs. kids model.  It is really revolting.  It is also likely to offend the very people who you presently need to persuade.  Educators.
What we are concerned with in schools is educating students, fostering their growth, nourishing their minds, encouraging their creativity.  Teachers, furthermore, have very little influence regarding what OS runs the school's servers or desktops (heck, most of them in my schol don;t even care becuase they are not tech savvy).  Administrators, superintendents, tech committees and School Boards do.  
I'm a language arts teacher and I have wanted to move every computer in school to Linux or Darwin, but it just doesn't happen like changin' socks, pal.  I serve on my school's tech committee and we are now committed to upgrading to some OSS solution and becoming M$ free by 2004 (tech admin likes BSD for our servers, as she is an old Unix hacker and a new OS X fan, but desktops PCs will likely all go to Linux, all the Macs to Darwin.).  Most of the students in my school that have even heard of linux heard about it from the crazy 7th grade language teacher (me), who has been handing out office suite CDs (OO.o, of course).

If you keep acting as if teachers are the bad guy, you're not going to get far.

tony baldwin

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