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Re: [OS:N:] Re: open-source-now-list digest, Vol 1 #465 - 8 msgs

On Fri, 10 Jan 2003, anthony baldwin wrote:

> I'm a language arts teacher and I have wanted to move every computer in school to Linux or Darwin, but it just doesn't happen like changin' socks, pal.  I serve on my school's tech committee and we are now committed to upgrading to some OSS solution and becoming M$ free by 2004 (tech admin likes BSD for our servers, as she is an old Unix hacker and a new OS X fan, but desktops PCs will likely all go to Linux, all the Macs to Darwin.).  Most of the students in my school that have even heard of linux heard about it from the crazy 7th grade language teacher (me), who has been handing out office suite CDs (OO.o, of course).

Awesome. BSD? Great! Whatever... glad to see the progression and the

> tony baldwin
> http://www.School-Library.net
> Read, Connect, Learn!
A *very* cool (if a bit hard on the eyes) site.

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