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[OS:N:] Re: yes it's gone on long enough

A couple of brief points and I'll remember I promised to stop.

I never claimed expertise in Linux. I assumed the different distros were
different-otherwise what's the point? I'm trying to get Red Hat 7.0 to work
and I cannot mount my CD Rom which means I can't load Star Office 5.2 for
which I have the CD Rom. Every now and then I get a half hour and mess
around with it, but I'm getting nowhere. What I want is a Linux that
works for me, not you. If you tell me I must bring my level of expertise up
to yours, then I'll tell  you why Linux isn't making greater inroads in the
mainstream or in the schools.

As for not following the e-mail convention-I thought the movers and shakers
here don't like conventions. I use it sometime when it seems appropriate,
but I don't like it. Just adds tons of text to the torrent. I assume people
who are following a thread, follow it and don't need to be reminded of what
went before. Those who aren't interested can use the kill filter or simply
ignore those people they don't want to read.

As for harming this list, I plead innocent. I think it an absurd charge.

Finally, Jeff's perception of human nature. On my web site I offer a theory
which holds our negative perception of humanity drives us. No need to go
into it here, but you might find it interesting. No need to read my book
which is also on the site.

Open source initially implied a different view of human nature. It was
cooperative and supportive with the same ideals as the original hackers and
the free software society. The Cathedral and the Bazaar described open
source as an elitist meritocracy right out of Ayn Rand-at least that was how
I read it.

I agree we cannot have utopia until a lot of us see it as a human
possibility and we cannot see it as a human possibility until we change our
perception of human nature. It is a tall order so I don't suggest you
mention utopian goals unless you are as crazy as I am. Seeing human
potential more positively requires a gigantic leap of faith, but when you
reflect on what we are doing to the planet and each other-what do we have to

Ed Kunin

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