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[OS:N:] CT Lugs

>I think it helps to plug yourself into the Linux community, and when
>you're getting started it really helps if you can find some face-to-
>face interaction.  Unfortunately, the nearest user group to you seems
>to be the Southern Connecticut Open Source User Group (SCOSUG) which
>usually meets in North Haven (according to their web site), about 30
>miles NE of Fairfield. For details, see: =20
>    http://www.scosug.org/
>There might be somewhere closer, but I didn't turn up anything in a
>quick web search.
>Hope that helps,

HOLY COW!  Are you in teh neighborhood, Ed?
I am in New London, where the Eastern CT LUG meets (http://www.eclug.net)
There are a great bunch of guys there.  I have only gone to a couple of meetings, but I have received a great deal of fantastic support, especially in my infantile newbie days, so long ago (about 9 months ago).
You should check it out.


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