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[OS:N:] Yet another enemy for OSS?

Just seen on a LUG list. Imagine schools and public offices restricted
in using enciclopedias, law digests, and such, or that cannot archive
anymore their data because their CD burner, locked through TCPA to do
what described below, won't run anymore under Linux

	Best Regards,
			Marco Fioretti


New Microsoft tools to copy-protect CDs and DVDs
By Joris Evers, IDG News Service
January 21, 2003 4:05 pm ET

Microsoft Corp. on Monday announced new copyright protection
tools that let recording companies restrict the use of CDs and
DVDs on personal computers.


Microsoft's new Windows Media Data Session Toolkit allows media
companies to add a protected "second session" to CDs and DVDs
for use on PCs. This second session includes the audio and
video content in Microsoft's Windows Media format, plus rules
for the use of that content, Microsoft said.

For example, content owners can limit the number of times a
user can play the content on a PC and restrict copying of audio
and video or transferring of songs to a portable device,
Microsoft said. The protection is handled through Microsoft's
Windows Media DRM (Digital Rights Management) technology.


Microsoft's product announcement comes a week after
representatives of the recording and technology industries,
including Microsoft and the Recording Industry Association of
America, urged the U.S. government to keep its hands off of the
digital copyright protection issue.

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