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[OS:N:] Win2K Server vs Linux

Hello all,

I'm looking for an article or table that directly compares Windows 2000
Server to any distribution of Linux.  A Google search (+"windows 2000
server" +linux) returns a lot of articles, but nothing that does a
line-by-line comparison.

For example, here is a link to Windows 2000 Server and lists its capabilities:

and Red Hat Linux 8.0 Professional:

Given the Microsoft table format above, it would be nice to add another
column titled "Linux equivalent."  For example, the IIS equivalent would be
Apache.  Having some kind of table would go a long way to answer the
question I am often asked: Windows 2000 Server can do <insert MSFT
service>; can Linux do the same or equivalent?  For exampe, right at the
top, Linux cannot do ASP or Active-Directory.  Or can it?

I would create that table myself, except I don't understand some of the
marketting buzz words that MSFT uses, e.g. "Windows DNA 2000."

Thanks in advance for any URLs or pointers.

- Robert

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