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Re: [OS:N:] Re: mainstream

On Friday 13 June 2003 12:31 am, Bobbie Turner wrote;

> I joined this list hoping that i would get an understanding of
> how to INSTALL it and not worry about the details until later,
> but that was just a month.

First, this list does not discuss how-to install Linux.  Second, 
you are only asking for trouble if you install something you know 
nothing about; especially when you connect it to a network such as 
the Internet.

> Where's the help?  I've heard bit's and piece's of help going
> out and around.  Now i ask you one thing? ... where and how
> can i get clear instruction's on how to get and install Linux?

I did a search for "Linux support" or "Linux Help" at Google 

There were 2,960 web pages found.  Have you really been looking for 
help?  How did you miss it?  Do you expect everyone to do your 
homework for you?  Bad student!  (Everyone give him 5 lashes!)  You 
cannot administer Linux and remain ignorant of computing without 
major problems.  Many distributions are becoming exceptionally 
user-friendly, but one still begs for trouble if he expects to 
fully utilize Linux blindly.  Even those people who do not wish to 
exploit the full capabilities of Linux should wisely obtain some 
basic information about it before using it in a live system.  You 
would not be looking at Linux if you didn't want more powerful 
software, but that power comes with a price.  It requires at least 
a fundamental knowledge.  Linux can be configured like a network 
smart terminal as basically Windows exists, but you must want more 
than that.  So I must wonder why you have not browsed some of the 
more than 2,960 web pages that do discuss Linux support.

> there and stop bickering about where it might or might not be,
> please?

Bickering is a normal part of any healthy democratic community.  
When you join a discussion list, you should expect a certain degree 
of bickering and debate.  That is the whole point, isn't it?  If 
everyone were in complete agreement about all of the issues, then 
would there be any need for discussions?

I'll try to help if you are sincerely seeking it.  Linux can be 
obtained in various retail stores and on the Internet.  However, 
you should respectfully avoid posting such questions to this 
mailing list.

 Thomas Corriher
 Backup Address:  corriher mailcity com
 Phone:  336-391-2713

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