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[Open Beats] 15k opportunity to develop Beat Making software: coder/programmer search


Beat Making Lab is applying for an Open Art grant, which would allow us to start development on our open source beat making software, PAMOJA. Sponsored byMozilla and Eyebeam Art & Technology Center, the grant would invest $15,000 towards our dream of creating an open source beat making software and curriculum; and help us foster music creation in communities internationally.


In order to compile a successful proposal we need to identify a lead coder/programmer to help us launch a beta version of PAMOJA. Ideally, this person would either have extensive experience developing open source programs and software, and/or be well versed in HTML, CSS, & _javascript_ to help us build a “web app” style beat making interface. This person can not “currently be enrolled in degree-granting academic program” and would need to take a look Open Eye’s equipment inventory and articulate how it would be utilized towards developing PAMOJA. And here’s the kicker: we need to find this person by Thursday October 11th in order to include them in our final application due Friday October 12th.

Do you know of a coder, developer or programmer who would be interested in earning $15,000 and collaborating with Beat Making Lab? If so, please have them email Pierce Freelon as soon as possible at: beatmakinglab gmail com

Professor Pierce Freelon
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 
North Carolina Central University

My work /
Congo Beat Lab / http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Jeex7jxmUE
Umi Says / http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3mfD91cp7sw
Freedom Suite / http://music.thebeastmusic.com/album/freedom-suite

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